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Photo Apr 02, 12 58 16 PMProject: Story Time Sampler – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Designer: Ashleigh and Amber
Company: The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Date: 2015
Fabric: 32 ct. Zweigart Petit Point Navy Blue and White Belfast Linen
Floss used: DMC and Dinky Dyes
Approximate time: not sure at this point

I would like to take this moment to say that I really love what Ashleigh and Amanda do.  Their charts are full of whimsy and joy and are great for beginners and advanced stitchers.  I appreciate all the work they put into their designs and how hard they work to keep them simple enough for newbies. My alterations are in no way at all meant to take away from what they do.  I do this mostly as a challenge for myself to try and explore new things.

Entire Project Changes
1) No DMC 5200. I used Ecru or DMC 3024 in place of the 5200.  I did this for two reasons.  First and foremost, it’s easier on my eyes to stitch with the other two, particularly agains my fabric.  The other reason is that I generally find the off-whites more interesting too look at visually than just white.  Yes, white does have it’s uses and I may end up using it elsewhere in the project if I feel it would be the stronger choice, but in general, you’ll see something else.

2) No Seafoam.  Unfortunately, as pretty as Seafoam is, it’s too light against my fabric…so it is going the way of the dinosaur.  For The Secret Garden I used Grasshopper from WDW.  I don’t know for sure if I’ll do it every time, but at least for now, I will.

Month Specific Changes

Color Swaps
WDW Parchment – Dinky Dyes 139 Boulia (frame)
DMC 3752 – DMC 322 (Dorothy’s Dress)
DMC 368 – DMC 3790 (Grass under house)
DMC 3716 – DMC 3752 (Door on house)
DMC 3328 – DMC 3777 (Ruby Slippers and Red in Rainbow)
DMC 3716 – DMC 722 (Orange in Rainbow)
DMC 368 – DMC 322 (Blue in Rainbow)

Color Addition
DMC 3328 – Poppies
DMC E699 – Emerald City Backstitch

Alterations to Original

Photo Apr 02, 1 05 53 PM
The only real change was to add two white French knots for buttons.  I had to swap the dress color because of the fabric I used, but otherwise, she is as charted.

Photo Apr 02, 1 05 49 PM

I decided that Toto needed backstitch for his basket, so that’s what I did. I used 3031 for it.

Photo Apr 02, 1 05 59 PM

Emerald City
This was where the major changes happened. I decided to revise it a bit to give it the same sort of round spiral feel that the movie’s Emerald City has.  I used a metallic DMC to backstitch around for definition and sparkle.  I also tapered the Yellow Brick Road for it to fit.

I then added the French Knot poppies to fill in the space.

For the rainbow, I just swapped a few colors out to make it fit my fabric better. I took out the green because I felt like it was too close to Emerald City and that was where I wanted my green.  I also swapped the pink for orange because reasons.

Photo Apr 02, 1 06 02 PM

I made two minor color swaps here.  I chose to use the blue door instead of pink because there is an old farm adage that a front door painted blue meant good luck.  So when I think of farm houses, I think blue doors.

I also made the grass a brown color because I wanted the house to be in Kansas.

And that’s it!  Those are all the changes I did to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  I do not have charts for these because it would really violate copyright for me to do so, but please, feel free to borrow any changes I made!