So the story continues.  As you recall, on Wednesday, I sent them an email expressing my displeasure with their product and shipping.  I received the following response:

Hi!!  I am sorry you are not happy with the purchase. Monitors can change colors  – what I post on this end is matched almost 100% to what I see on our monitor here. Now given that these are overdyeds  – they can change depending on what cut of the piece you get ( especially when there is more than one). Of course you can send it back for a refund or exchange ( and we of course would reimburse for return shipping).

 Shipping is usually done within 3 days of the paid invoice from facebook sales. However with holidays and ice and snow storms here  – there may have been a longer delay. Add on to that we deal with a very small post office ( the hub is 45 minutes from us) – we have had issues with them pushing our packages aside if they get “overwhelmed” . We are working on fixing those issues.

 Please let me know if you will be returning and what your preference is. Thank you and sorry again for any inconvenience.


Of course, this did not sit well with me, so I returned this response:

Hi Kevin,

As I stated in my original email, I am aware of monitor and fabric differences.  However, neither of those would explain this drastic a color difference.  

To begin with, I checked the color you posted on my computer, my tablet, my phone, my partner’s iPhone and for fun, my partner’s desktop.  Every time the color from your website looked exactly the same.  To compare, I have included the original post photo as well as two pictures of what I received under two different lights.  There is clearly a VAST difference in the colors.  

Further, linen and particularly 32 count, is noted for always taking dye *darker* than lugana or aida will.  So, again, the color being lighter than pictured doesn’t make any sense.

Regarding shipping.  I could understand ice delays, we’re currently experiencing some of that in Texas.  I could even somewhat understand a holiday, since President’s Day is a federal holiday.  However, neither of those would explain a 16 day delay in getting my fabric delivered to a post office that is 187 feet from your storefront.  I know it’s 187 feet because I Googled it.  

Also, having done my own shipping through the post office and using PayPal, I know for a fact that the shipping label creation only means that you printed a shipping label for my package.  Because USPS would be liable for anything that happened to a package, particularly one shipped priority which includes $50 in insurance, they are going to scan it at every step of the way.  The fact that it was on Monday of this week that movement started, which clearly states “Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility” in Colonia, NJ tells me that you did not bother to walk the 187 feet until after I had contacted you about my fabric.  I also find it highly suspect that the USPS would hold packages because they were overwhelmed, particularly for the 11 days from the time the label was created.

All that said, I shouldn’t be surprised by your willingness to shuffle the blame onto either myself (my monitors) and onto the USPS, given that you have several posts on your own Facebook page about issues.  I also shouldn’t be surprised that the color wasn’t correct or by the shipping delays, given that every single time I have mentioned that I had a problem, the first thing I hear is some variation of “Oh, Silkweaver is notorious for that.”  I could understand one or two isolated incidents, but I’ve heard it on my blog and from friends on Facebook which leads me to believe this is your standard.

I am definitely going to return this fabric to you and request a refund.  However, I am going to go through PayPal to do it.  This is mostly because I do not trust you to actually refund me in a timely manner.  

It greatly saddens me to have had this experience with you, however it saddens me even more to know that I am not the only person you have treated so shamefully.


Your turn, Kevin at Silkweaver.