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Project: Regina (really Ana)
Designer: Nora Corbett
Company: Wichelt
Date: 2015
Fabric: 14 Ct. Aida from Mo’s Sale
Floss used: DMC and Kreinik
Approximate time: 3 weeks (January 24, 2015 to February 16, 2015)

This project has been an interesting one for me.  This is my first finish of 2015, as well as my first thing started and finished in 2015.  It was my first Nora Corbett and my first to really integrate beads.

Ana was a gift I received as part of a gift-exchange on a Facebook group I no longer belong to.  Now, before anyone asks, I voluntarily left and am very happy that I did.  The more important part is who gave it to me.  Her name is Cassi and she is awesome.  In fact, I like to think that Regina is kind of a metaphor for our friendship.  Fast, easy, fun and sparkly.

I was really shocked at how quickly this stitched up.  I was nervous at first, partially because it was so detailed looking, partially because of all the black and partially because I wasn’t sure how to go about the beading.

Initially, I had planned to do her on this really awesome smoky purple Aida that Mo of Mo’s Sale created.  However, either I goofed when I requested a re-dye of it, or she goofed when she dyed the fabric and instead I got this pink fabric.  However, I am really thrilled at how she looks on it.

The only real screw up was that I did accidentally add a row…but I dare you to find it.  No, seriously, I dare you.

My only actual alteration was to backstitch the apple in Kreinik 003HL #4.  I thought she needed some more sparkle.

The beading went way faster and easier than I expected. I did switch over to my big 10 inch embroidery hoop (Big Bertha, as I call her) because I was worried the Q-Snap would damage the beads.  Next time, I will make sure I have purchased an 11×11 to make 2 8x11s.  The other thing I will do is I want to try the YLI Wonder Invisible Thread for the beading, in hopes that they will lay flatter.

In all, this was a really fun project and I kinda can’t wait to do another Nora or Mira.  My current wish list for her consists of:

At the Met (Converting it to Carol Channing!)

So we shall see!