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 Story Time Sampler – Alice in Wonderland
Designer: Ashleigh and Amber
Company: The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Date: 2015
Fabric: 32 ct. Zweigart Petit Point Navy Blue and White Belfast Linen
Floss used: DMC, Weeks Dye Works, and Kreinik
Approximate time: 36 Hours (Started Jan. 15 and finished Jan. 17)

This is the first of my “Alteration” blogs.  My plan (as of now) is to post each month as I complete it.

I would like to take this moment to say that I really love what Ashleigh and Amanda do.  Their charts are full of whimsy and joy and are great for beginners and advanced stitchers.  I appreciate all the work they put into their designs and how hard they work to keep them simple enough for newbies. My alterations are in no way at all meant to take away from what they do.  I do this mostly as a challenge for myself to try and explore new things.

Entire Project Changes
1) No DMC 5200. I used Ecru or DMC 3024 in place of the 5200.  I did this for two reasons.  First and foremost, it’s easier on my eyes to stitch with the other two, particularly agains my fabric.  The other reason is that I generally find the off-whites more interesting too look at visually than just white.  Yes, white does have it’s uses and I may end up using it elsewhere in the project if I feel it would be the stronger choice, but in general, you’ll see something else.

2) No Seafoam.  Unfortunately, as pretty as Seafoam is, it’s too light against my fabric…so it is going the way of the dinosaur.  Since I am not doing all frames together (paranoia runs deep), I have some time to decide which one to go with (end of February is the first time it’ll be needed) and I am currently debating on WDW Cadet or Bayberry…however if I get to my LNS and find a Gentle Arts or something else, then I’ll do that.

Month Specific Changes

Color Swaps
DMC 5200 – Ecru (White Rabbit, socks, apron)
DMC 5200 – DMC 3024 (steam on tea and pocket watch)
DMC 3752 – DMC 322 (Alice’s dress)
DMC 840 – WDW Havana [1230] (tree)
DMC 310 – DMC 827 (Alice’s eyes ONLY)

Color Addition
Kreinik 002/50m – Gold Blending Filament (White Rabbit’s vest and pocket watch)

Alterations to Original

wpid-wp-1421540073956.jpegWhite Rabbit
There was very little changed about Benny (The name I’m giving him).  Aside from the color swap, the two biggest changes were the addition of a mouth (I thought he needed one) and the metallic.  I used a 2ply of my blending filament to not only do a half-stitch over the buttons, but to give him stripes.  Why did I give him stripes? Because he needed them.

Alice probably underwent the most changes overall, but even then it’s not a lot.

Color Swaps
My first color swap was 3752 for 322.  3752 was almost identical to the fabric itself, so since I didn’t want a randomly floating head and arms, I had to switch the color out.

At the same time, I decided the girl needed to be wearing socks/stockings.  This is primarily because at that time period, no little girl would be allowed out of the house without them on.  So that got a swap.

The final color swap was changing the 310 to 827 for Alice’s eyes.  This is primarily because I want to distinguish between human and non-human.

My first change was to give her a pair of Mary Jane shoes.  Or at least, one, since the other is hidden in the frame.  This was very simple. I did a 3/4 stitch in black with a 1/4 stitch of Ecru for the left square.  The right square was a sort of standard cross.  The bottom stitch actually goes a little higher to give the effect of a shoe strap. The stop stitch is normal.

The next change was to give her an pinafore.  This came from my desire to honor the tradition of Alice having an apron. This was done with two 3/4 stitches of ecru as well as three backstitches.  The straps on the pinafore and the waist band were both done with two ply.  Generally I will only backstitch one square at a time, but for the waist band I did it across all three to give the effect of it being tied.

My next change was to backstitch only the eyelid in black, with the rest of the eye in 827.  The lid was done with 1 ply of 310 and then a 1/4 stitch diagonally up and away from the eye to give the effect of eyelashes.

My final change is super minor. I added an eyebrow over her right eye. I backstitched it twice since the first time you couldn’t see it.

Sorry for the awful picture, I just can't get it to zoom enough.

Sorry for the awful picture, I just can’t get it to zoom enough.

Alice’s Tea Cup
This was probably the only complete “overhaul” that I did.  I loved that she had the teacup, but thought it looked odd and bulky.  So, thanks to Christy’s advice, I took and did 1 row of 6, 2 rows of 4 and 2 rows of 2 stitches.  They are all 2ply with half stitches over 1 thread.  To make the handle I used two straight stitches.  The steam is 3024 and also 2ply half stitches over 1 thread.

wpid-wp-1421540050984.jpegThe Trees
Not so much an overhaul as a color swap.  Just changed to WDW Havana so that the tree would have that lovely natural look.

wpid-wp-1421540087573.jpegThe Cheshire Cat
This one didn’t really change, merely I only did partial stitches on the back third to give the effect of him disappearing/appearing. I think it turned out quite well myself.

wpid-wp-1421540079018.jpegThe Pocket Watch
Again, not much in the way of changes. I did swap the white for 3024 and go over the gold with blending filament.  Perhaps the biggest “change” was adding a French knot in the center of the clock.

And that’s it!  Those are all the changes I did to Alice in Wonderland.  I do not have charts for these because it would really violate copyright for me to do so, but please, feel free to borrow any changes I made!