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Dorothy Gale

Project: Once Upon a Stitch – “Dorothy Gale”
Designer: Brooke Nolan
Company: Brooke’s Books
Date: 2013
Fabric: 14 Ct. Aida, Oatmeal, Charles Craft
Floss used: DMC, DMC Light Effects
Approximate time: 1 week.  (June 2014)

Being the Oz-aholic I am, this was my next stitch.  She was a pretty quick one to stitch up, and I only made two minor alterations.

The first thing I did was put an outline to her sleeve.  The other change I made was swapping out the silver for ruby red for her shoes.

I also opted to not stitch the Yellow Brick Road under her, however, I may go back and do that now.  We’ll see.

She’s currently sitting in my bathroom in a frame in a quasi-finished state.  Mom found some poppy-themed Washi tape and since my bathroom is Oz themed (and has poppies all over the walls) it will look fantastic.

Project 3 involved both of the Witches of Oz.  I do have plans to do the entire series of 14 as ornaments, but that will be coming with time.