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The Emerald City

The Emerald City

Project: Story Time – “Emerald City”
Designer: Sue Marshall
Company: Camelot Designs
Date: 1990
Fabric: 14 Ct. Aida, Oatmeal, Charles Craft
Floss used: DMC, DMC Light Effects
Approximate time: 3 weeks.  (Late May/Early June to Mid June 2014)

This was my first project. This is what got me interested in cross stitch in the first place.  I found the chart on a Facebook group that was selling Oz items, and I had a spot in my bedroom that was absolutely perfect for it.

I started out and got all kinds of screwed up, so I ended up having to redo it from the beginning…and still made mistakes.  Thankfully you can’t tell and I honestly can’t really either.

The chart is labelled No. 10, and it lists “Sleeping Beauty’s Castle,” “Rapunzel’s Tower/Once Upon a Time,” “The Shoe,” and “The Gingerbread House.”  My searching online did turn up a No. 12, “The Snow Queen’s Castle.”  I don’t know how many were in this series, but I’d like to find them.  I may never do all of them in the series, but it would be neat to have.