Project #18: The Master and the Macabre


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Project: The
Designer: Vicki Hastings
Company: The Cross-Eyed Cricket
Date: 2010
Fabric: 35 count Guacamole by WDW
Floss used: DMC, GAST, WDW, Silk ‘N Colors, DragonflyLotus, Silk Mill and Kreinik
Approximate time: Almost a year





This project has been a joy and a curse to stitch all at the same time.  This was the second thing I ever bought at my LNS.  My LNS did not carry the Silk ‘N Colors that were called for in the chart, so I substituted those for GAST and WDW.  I ended up buying one because I couldn’t find a suitable color…and I had to go to three places to find it, too.

I started stitching it and was going really well…until that damn moon started.  That moon liked to have killed me.  Mostly because the thing was huge.  But oh…I thought that was going to be the killer. I was wrong.

Next came the roof.  The roof from hell.  That nearly did kill me.  Seriously.  The moon was like a cake walk by comparison.  I mean, I could have built my own damn roof four times over in the time it took me to stitch it up.  Now, that being said, I am so thrilled I persevered.

As I went on, I started getting a little itchy to do some changes, not to the physical pattern per se but to the colors.  I had received my usual thread of the month from DragonflyLotus and there were two colors in particular that I just had to use. Scholarly Text and Moonless Night.  Scholarly Text was a silk, so I figured it would be fine.  Moonless Night was wool, so I messaged Liz to ask her if she thought it would be ok on 35 count.  She was worried it might be too heavy…so she made me a single skein of a new alpaca wool/silk hybrid she had been curious to make.  And it worked.  Like a dream.  However, since I was getting that wooly texture for the body that meant that I really had to swap out the purple cottons for silks.  Oh shucky darn…having to use more DragonflyLotus… 😀  (I love DragonflyLotus. It’s like crack.)

Finally, I felt that Poe’s name needed to be in red, so I chose one from Silk Mill and that was a fantastic decision.

Now to find a frame…

For those curious, these are my color swaps:

WDW Hazelnut -> SNC Acorn Woods
WDW Mulberry -> SNC Obsidion
GAST Grape Arbor -> SNC Aged Plum
WDW Whitewash -> SNC Snow Drift
WDW Tin Roof -> SNC Greystone
WDW Buckeye Scarlet -> DMC 817
Kreinik 005 #4 -> DMC 310 (lid on the inkwell and Raven’s claw)
WDW Whiskey -> DMC 834 (I was too lazy to go to Michael’s)
DFL Scholarly Text -> DMC 310 (the ink)
DFL Moonless Night -> DMC 310 (Raven’s Body)
DFL Crushed Berries -> SNC Obsidion (Raven’s Wing)
DFL Flambeau -> DMC 327 (Raven’s Wing)
Silk Mill Rosemary Jelly -> SNC Desert Moss (Poe’s Name)

Here’s a closeup of the ridiculously sexy Raven:



Project #17: Bless Us Each and Everyone


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Project: Bless Us Each and Everyone
Designer: Nancy Wigman
Company: 4 My Boys
Date: 2002
Fabric: 32 count Blue with White Petit Point by Zweigart
Floss used: GAST and Kreinik
Approximate time: Approx. 2 days




This was a quickie stitch at the end of August for August Angst.  A friend of mine did this for someone else, and after some lengthy searching on eBay, I found the chart as well.  It was charted with WDW and I swapped it out for GAST with:

Ruby Slippers – Border
Harvest Brown – Basket
Brown Bear – Trunk
Grape Leaf – Pine Needles
Dark Chocolate – Words
Butternut Squash – Under the Words
102 Kreinik – Star

I am going to probably finish this as a new-sew cube for Christmas.

Project #16: Home By the Sea


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Photo Jul 16, 7 31 58 PMProject: Home By the Sea
Donna Bayliss
Company: By the Bay Needleart
Date: 2015
Fabric: 32 ct Sea Spray by Wichelt
Floss used: DMC, WDW, Gloriana and DragonflyLotus
Approximate time: Approx. 4 days


This was a fast stitch. I think I did it in a weeks time.  I did not include the flowers because I thought they sort of took away from everything.

This was a gift for my grandmother’s birthday and I finished it in late July…it’s been a while since I updated it…

Project #15: Scary Circle


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Project: Scary Circle
Designer: Vicki Hastings
Company: The Cross-Eyed Cricket
Date: 1998
Fabric: 32 count Raw with Brown Petit Point by Zweigart
Floss used: DMC, GAST and Kreinik
Approximate time: Approx. 10 days





Ok, so this was one of the things I worked on for StitchMaynia. This was also one of the easiest and most magical project to come together for me.  First, the chart itself came from my wonderful friend, Kemi, and it’s a chart that reminds me of our friendship.  The majority of the Kreinik (I already had the sparkly red) came from a gift card I received from my equally wonderful friend, Angie.  The fabric and the glow-in-the-dark Kreinik blending filament came from the Halloween StitchyBox.

I didn’t do a whole lot of changes to this one.  I did add a glow in the dark BF to the Ghost of Indeterminate Gender, which does not photograph no matter what I do.  I added a bow to the Lion’s tail, because of course.  I changed the clowns eyes to be normal because he was freaking me out too much.

The vampire, I think, looks like Liza Minnelli.

Here are some close up pics!

Photo Jun 21, 7 39 41 PM Photo Jun 21, 7 39 45 PM Photo Jun 21, 7 39 55 PM Photo Jun 21, 7 40 04 PM

This was an absolute dream stitch and I am truly blessed to have such fantastic friends in my life 🙂

Project #14: Haunted House


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Project: Haunted House
Designer: Maja Matyas Szilagyi
Company: Snowflower Diaries
Date: 2013
Fabric: 30 count Peoria Purple by WDW
Floss used: WDW and Kreinik
Approximate time: Approx. 4 days




Ok, so this was one of the things I worked on for StitchMaynia.  This thing nearly got the better of me.  I absolutely love Snowflower Diairies freebies (which this was), but between personal drama, a border, blending filament not doing right and other stuff, I nearly scrapped it like twice.

The only “changes” I made were to add a metallic blending filament to the Ghost Girl and a glow in the dark to the windows.  I also replaced the flowers with the word “Boo”

This was actually finished on June 10, and I just forgot to post it.


A Discussion of Fairy Tales and a Mini-Finish


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Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I kinda fell of the goal wagon due to opening a new store and starting up Maynia, so my goal in July (since June is well under way and I really haven’t put much thought into things) is to get back on track with goals and things.

I really need to get organized.  I have floss and patterns and fabric and whoosits and whatsits galore all over my room.  It literally looks like my cross stitch stash threw up all over it…and it kind of did.

But that is not the purpose of this post.  No, the purpose of this post is to talk about one of my “New” WIPS.

As many of you who watch on Flosstube know, I have both the “Once Upon a Time” sampler and “Story Time” Sampler from The Frosted Pumpkin.  As you will also know, I have had my fair share of frustrations with fabric, floss and everything in between.  I really loved both of them, but both have so far had sections I really didn’t like or have much interest in stitching, and got stymied on.

I had decided that I was going to re-start both on different fabrics, and so I went to my LNS and bought some 40 count, one in an Ivory color for Story Time, and then Doubloon from PTP for OUAT. (This is what it was actually charted on originally). I also decided I was going to use GAST for the majority of each project.

So, I was having a discussion with Angie one night and it she suggested the idea of making a hybrid of the two.  And I went “OMG YES.”  And that’s when the wheels started to turn.

So, my first item of business was re-charting the first square, Snow White.  Which I did. It went under about 20 changes from when I first started it to what I finished with, but the end result, I am very pleased with.

Because this is such a departure from the original chart, I will only offer pictures here, as I do not wish to risk any sort of copyright attacks.  The most I will say on Snow White (in case someone wants to use the technique) is that I used “thread painting” or “long and short stitches” to create the thatched roof effect.

Photo Jun 09, 7 09 06 PM Photo Jun 09, 7 09 12 PM Photo Jun 09, 7 09 17 PM

Project #13: The Wizard of Oz


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Photo May 25, 5 15 22 PMProject: The Wizard of Oz
Designer: Laura Rimola
Company: The Little Stitcher
Date: 2013
Fabric: 40ct. Morning Dew by Zweigart
Floss used: Gentle Arts Sampler/Shaker Threads and Kreinik
Approximate time: 7 days





This was my first start of Stitch Maynia.

This one was originally charted with DMC, but I’ve recently discovered that I really love Gentle Arts, so I decided to convert everything to that.  I also decided to try out 40 count for the first time.  I loved it.

I will be turning this into a pillow and entering it into a contest at the International Wizard of Oz Convention in July/August.

Photo May 25, 5 15 37 PMPhoto May 25, 5 15 42 PM

Over all, my changes (color swaps aside) were very minimal.  I used a blending filament on the Ruby Slippers and the “T” and “H.” I also changed all ribbons to lazy daisies.  The big “additions” were to give Toto a tongue, and to put a drop of oil on the Tin Man’s oil can, as well as some backstitching to him.

For those curious about the color changes, this is what I did:

  • “The Wizard of Oz” – Rio Carnivale, limited edition
  • Filigre – Grape Leaf
  • Flower Petals – Antique Rose
  • Flower Stems – Bayberry
  • Dorothy – Brown Bear (Hair), Picket Fence (Blouse), Morning Glory (Dress, Socks and Trims), Apricot Blush (Skin), Harvest Basket (Basket), Ruby Slipper (well duh), Kreinik 061 BF (Ruby Slippers)
  • Toto – Soot [Wool], Antique Rose (tongue)
  • Yellow Brick Road – Ale, limited edition
  • “There’s No Place Like Home” – Ruby Slipper and Kreinik 061 BF
  • Scarecrow – Soot [Wool] (hat), Harvest Basket (nose, ropes), Apricot Blush (head), Chives (tunic), Buttercrunch (straw), Cinnamon [Wool] (pants), Rio Carnivale, limited edition (patches), Dark Chocolate (boots)
  • Tin Man – Soot (Hat, nose, joints, boots, backstitch), Pebble (head, arms and legs), Barn Grey (oil can and neck), Aged Pewter (torso)
  • Cowardly Lion – Cinnamon [Wool] (main, tail and belly), Toffee (body), Ruby Slipper (bow), Dark Chocolate (facial features)


Project #11: Coffee and Friends


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Project: Coffee and Friends
Designer: Stoney Creek Collection
Company: Janlynn
Date: 2009
Fabric: 14 ct. Ivory Aida
Floss used: “DMC”
Approximate time: 36 hours





This was my first Janlynn kit.  It was a Christmas present from the always wonderful A.Stitch.In.Time and was completed for a SAL in a group.

I made two small changes. I chose not to backstitch the mug, as I thought it looked prettier without.  I also made the ‘A’ in “Make” have a point instead of a flat top, because I like my ‘A’s’ pointy.

This was a fun little quick stitch that will definitely find it’s place somewhere soon 😀


Mini-Finish: Story Time Sampler Block 4 – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


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Photo Apr 02, 12 58 16 PMProject: Story Time Sampler – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Designer: Ashleigh and Amber
Company: The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Date: 2015
Fabric: 32 ct. Zweigart Petit Point Navy Blue and White Belfast Linen
Floss used: DMC and Dinky Dyes
Approximate time: not sure at this point

I would like to take this moment to say that I really love what Ashleigh and Amanda do.  Their charts are full of whimsy and joy and are great for beginners and advanced stitchers.  I appreciate all the work they put into their designs and how hard they work to keep them simple enough for newbies. My alterations are in no way at all meant to take away from what they do.  I do this mostly as a challenge for myself to try and explore new things.

Entire Project Changes
1) No DMC 5200. I used Ecru or DMC 3024 in place of the 5200.  I did this for two reasons.  First and foremost, it’s easier on my eyes to stitch with the other two, particularly agains my fabric.  The other reason is that I generally find the off-whites more interesting too look at visually than just white.  Yes, white does have it’s uses and I may end up using it elsewhere in the project if I feel it would be the stronger choice, but in general, you’ll see something else.

2) No Seafoam.  Unfortunately, as pretty as Seafoam is, it’s too light against my fabric…so it is going the way of the dinosaur.  For The Secret Garden I used Grasshopper from WDW.  I don’t know for sure if I’ll do it every time, but at least for now, I will.

Month Specific Changes

Color Swaps
WDW Parchment – Dinky Dyes 139 Boulia (frame)
DMC 3752 – DMC 322 (Dorothy’s Dress)
DMC 368 – DMC 3790 (Grass under house)
DMC 3716 – DMC 3752 (Door on house)
DMC 3328 – DMC 3777 (Ruby Slippers and Red in Rainbow)
DMC 3716 – DMC 722 (Orange in Rainbow)
DMC 368 – DMC 322 (Blue in Rainbow)

Color Addition
DMC 3328 – Poppies
DMC E699 – Emerald City Backstitch

Alterations to Original

Photo Apr 02, 1 05 53 PM
The only real change was to add two white French knots for buttons.  I had to swap the dress color because of the fabric I used, but otherwise, she is as charted.

Photo Apr 02, 1 05 49 PM

I decided that Toto needed backstitch for his basket, so that’s what I did. I used 3031 for it.

Photo Apr 02, 1 05 59 PM

Emerald City
This was where the major changes happened. I decided to revise it a bit to give it the same sort of round spiral feel that the movie’s Emerald City has.  I used a metallic DMC to backstitch around for definition and sparkle.  I also tapered the Yellow Brick Road for it to fit.

I then added the French Knot poppies to fill in the space.

For the rainbow, I just swapped a few colors out to make it fit my fabric better. I took out the green because I felt like it was too close to Emerald City and that was where I wanted my green.  I also swapped the pink for orange because reasons.

Photo Apr 02, 1 06 02 PM

I made two minor color swaps here.  I chose to use the blue door instead of pink because there is an old farm adage that a front door painted blue meant good luck.  So when I think of farm houses, I think blue doors.

I also made the grass a brown color because I wanted the house to be in Kansas.

And that’s it!  Those are all the changes I did to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  I do not have charts for these because it would really violate copyright for me to do so, but please, feel free to borrow any changes I made!